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Welcome to the World of Luxury Cars


Welcome to the World of Luxury Cars At Luxury Lounge, we house the finest luxury cars that have been meticulously picked from the world over. This though, is just the beginning of our efforts. Every time you walk in, we’ll treat you with an experience as smooth, grand and pleasurable as the cars you buy from us. And this experience is evident in everything we do: from an aesthetic in-house lounge to excellent customer service. Come, explore our website to discover your next luxury car. The Luxury, the Lounge and More Luxury Lounge is UAE’s most exotic luxury car destination. Launched in 2015, we took up the onus to extend the ‘Luxurious Experience’ beyond just the cars. Hence, our showroom, services, and every other interaction is designed to be a grand, pleasurable and memorable experience for every customer. Brands Any automobile aficionado would agree that the marque makes the car. We think no differently. That is why the brands we choose to showcase are ones that have built their reputation through decades of revolutionary engineering, unprecedented style and unfathomable luxury. Their names resound respect and their emblems magnetize awe. These brands are what Luxury Lounge stands for and what your lifestyle merits. Sales When you’re championing the most prestigious cars ever, Trust and Expertise become everyday necessities. Our expert, Basel Ali Mousa is not just auto-mobile specialist but also understands the intimate bond every luxury car forms with its owner. Do not hesitate contacting for any queries or requests you may have.

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