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OUR MISSION Scope Elite Cars aimed to provide the most versatile cars in most economic prices. ABOUT OUR COMPANY In Scope Elite Cars customer satisfaction is attained through professionalism in services and by offering used cars that gives value for money to the customer. Our core focus is to provide hassle free purchase process to the esteemed customers. We do offer SUV’s, Sedans, Sports Cars as well as commercial vehicles, we can proudly claim that we have wide range of cars. OUR SERVICES Our services are not limited to just selling the cars, we offer Credit/Debit card payment facility, Auto Insurance services (outsourced). Warranty for the cars, Maintenance support, Bank Financing process assistant, Auto Insurance. For Bank Finance buyers we just ask them to bring their documents to us, and we forward their documents to Bank for finance approvals, in this way are successful in saving customer’s time and the client has not to bother to go back and forth to the bank as our professional trained staff assists customer. And this is service if offered to our esteemed clients for free of charge. All of our cars are problem free from Chassis, Engine, Transmission, Mechanical and Electrical issues. We do offer guarantee for mentioned issues. So, client has peace of mind while buying from us.

Listed Vehicles

  • 2014
    Chevrolet Malibu LTZ
    CHEVROLET MALIBU 2014, by Scope Elite Cars 43,000 AED
  • 2014
    Kia Carnival
    KIA CARNIVAL 2014, by Scope Elite Cars 42,000 AED
  • 2016
    Chevrolet Mlibu White
    CHEVROLET MALIBU 2016, by Scope Elite Cars 52,000 AED